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Friday, January 07, 2011

Work From 2010

Here are some of the pieces I had worked at in 2010.

The one in red is called "Bridge Of Hope and Despair" in Ink,Gesso,Oil and Thread on canvas.I shall add some details from this piece,when the sun comes out next time in Berlin.Today it's absolutely cloudy.

The other one is called "Roots" as I have decided to put my roots here in Berlin.The sense of belonging that I identify with the word "home" gave the impetus to create this piece.Gesso,Watercolor and Paper on canvas.There are some accompanying details.

None of these were really painted with a brush.So they can't be called paintings as such.Therefore I stick with the word piece or simply work.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Indian Dance-My Own Interpretation



My vocabulary of dance could be considered contemporary in expression,but might have some perceptible Indian classical influences. I use modern Indian music,primarily film-music from Bombay and Southern India along with some independent composers to create a unique form of movements and gestures.

This dance should not be considered only for the sake of entertainment,but to reach the source of peace and joy which all of us have. We fail to utilise this source as we can't detach ourselves from our daily turmoil. During this 45 minutes session we will try that detachment and "just be" in those moments. This hour will only contain music and we will use our bodies as instruments swimming in the pool of energy and vibrations.

I will have maximum number of 2 students in a session.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Days and time are negotiable.

U-Bhn: U1 Schlesiches Tor
S-Bhn: Warschauer Str.
Email: motif69@hotmail.com

Dance Videos:www.myspace.com/mayavi13

I have danced with 2 very talented Bharatnatyam dancers.Bharatnatyam is an ancient traditional dance form from South India.I combine my more contemporary movements and gestures with theirs.

I have been dancing since I was a child.I grew-up in the family of artists,musicians and dancers.Movements in my dance could be as slow as Tai-Chi or can be as energetic as the trance like state of sufis.

Exploration of spatial dimensions within and without along with the pure joy of the physical are the essentials of my dance. Interpreting Indian modern music through hand gestures and body movement meanwhile attaining a sense of inner balance is the primary aim. The spiritual is present when the music envelops the whole being and through vibrations and sweat the dark drains away. "Just being" in these moments when feet stamp at the dance floor and the electricity hovers.I prefer freeing the self from inhibitions,a process of expression without the constraints of being of a particular sex-where you could be a man,woman or a child without any restraint.If you are a man,getting in touch with your feminine energies is significant and vice-versa.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


A thousand suns & a dull flame of desire

Details: A thousand suns & a dull flame of desire

The titles of the following pieces are "Waiting for love-Counting days",followed by "This dance without angst and fear"
They are on duvet covers of 4'.2"X6'.7" that I had found in the front yard of the building where I was living,Potsdam, Brandenburg.


My art emerges from living experience, and the absence of comfort zone leads to the creation of “AlterSpace.” Cultural re-location was a significant precursor to the exploration of spatial dimensions, thus beginning this search for AlterSpace.

AlterSpace comforts my absence of a corporeal comfort zone, encompasses completely, and provides the solace essential to live and to create.

My compositions emerge from nothingness; from the almost unknown come shapes, forms, colors and lines. Music, memories, emotional sensations and nostalgia work in tandem to create my visual vocabulary.

My approach to creative process, harboring instincts and impulses, becomes quite potent. Blankness takes over with the contradictory presence of various textures of thoughts, while music and other sources of inspirations conspire, shimmer and reflect to the end results of abstractions. The process is ritualistic and inspired by tradition: I compose art by sitting on the floor, using various media as offerings, like a Hindu priest.

The physicality of the whole act is tremendously enervating and exhausting. The beats and the rhythms of music and internal turbulence find a common voice in abstract “Tandav,” a kind of dance performed by Hindu God Shiva. It is a dance of destruction, of hackneyed ideas and superstitions, and a precursor to generation of new values and infinite and sublime distances.

These memories are potent enough to control my conscious and sub-conscious life. A sudden smell or taste triggers certain aspects of the past and leads to an outpouring of emotions, which need to be explored visually. The remembrance of the things past and present, and epiphanies inspire my artistic results.

2009 Querformat, Berlin, Germany

2008 Indian Embassy, Berlin, Germany

2005 Open Studio,School of Visual Arts,New York City

2005 Tsunami Private Art Sale,Toronto

2005 Youth Art Project,Art Therapy Workshop,Griffin Centre,Toronto

2003&04 Little Art Show,Art Auction,Riverdale Art Walk,Toronto

2004 Art For Life,Art Auction,Sunnybrook & Women's Foundation,Toronto

2004 Solo Exhibition,Zilberschmuck Gallery,Toronto

2004 Toronto Art Expo,Toronto

2004 India Heritage Art Exhibition,Toronto

Private Collection