Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Indian Dance-My Own Interpretation



My vocabulary of dance could be considered contemporary in expression,but might have some perceptible Indian classical influences. I use modern Indian music,primarily film-music from Bombay and Southern India along with some independent composers to create a unique form of movements and gestures.

This dance should not be considered only for the sake of entertainment,but to reach the source of peace and joy which all of us have. We fail to utilise this source as we can't detach ourselves from our daily turmoil. During this 45 minutes session we will try that detachment and "just be" in those moments. This hour will only contain music and we will use our bodies as instruments swimming in the pool of energy and vibrations.

I will have maximum number of 2 students in a session.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Days and time are negotiable.

U-Bhn: U1 Schlesiches Tor
S-Bhn: Warschauer Str.


I have danced with 2 very talented Bharatnatyam dancers.Bharatnatyam is an ancient traditional dance form from South India.I combine my more contemporary movements and gestures with theirs.

I have been dancing since I was a child.I grew-up in the family of artists,musicians and dancers.Movements in my dance could be as slow as Tai-Chi or can be as energetic as the trance like state of sufis.

Exploration of spatial dimensions within and without along with the pure joy of the physical are the essentials of my dance. Interpreting Indian modern music through hand gestures and body movement meanwhile attaining a sense of inner balance is the primary aim. The spiritual is present when the music envelops the whole being and through vibrations and sweat the dark drains away. "Just being" in these moments when feet stamp at the dance floor and the electricity hovers.I prefer freeing the self from inhibitions,a process of expression without the constraints of being of a particular sex-where you could be a man,woman or a child without any restraint.If you are a man,getting in touch with your feminine energies is significant and vice-versa.


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